We are well aware that customers not only purchase our products, but also purchase overall solutions and services. Based on this, we focus on providing professional technical support and services to meet the overall needs of our customers, improve their productivity and competitiveness. Our services cover the entire process of machine selection and customization, equipment debugging, technical support, equipment maintenance, and technical training.

  • Regularly train customer, technicians and operators in CNC theory, programming, operation and maintenance to improve the customer's proficiency in the use of machine tools and systems and maximize machine performance.Provide programming software and training in the use of programming software; CAD/CAM software installation tutorial, operation tutorial and training; Process optimization through CAD / CAM software.

  • Provide maintenance, inspection and repair services for machine, conduct regular maintenance and operation inspections to ensure long-term stable operation of machine. Repair and troubleshoot machine failures to minimize machine downtime. According to the actual situation of customers, provide customers with regular maintenance services; Provide borrowed spare parts service during maintenance to ensure the normal production of customers; Regular telephone and door-to-door follow-up visits to understand the use of equipment, and find and solve problems in time.

  • We provide technical support and consulting services. Provide support for machine tool selection, programming, alarm, maintenance, and other issues. Technical communication and problem solving can be conducted through telephone, email, and on-site support. Provide on-site technical consultation for customers on materials, cutting tools, processes and supporting facilities;Provide technical support to help customers shorten the transition period of production; For difficult orders, work with customers to develop stable processing technology;Set up a technical research team to study solutions for the industry;For customers with special needs, arrange engineers to stay on site.

  • All of machines will be adjusted before it is delivered, user manual and video is included. After customers purchase our CNC machine and systems, we will send professional engineers to install and debug the equipment on-site. Ensure the precision and surface of the machined workpiece meet the requirements.

  • Customize and develop special machine models and systems based on customers' special machining needs. We can customize the workbench size, spindle speed, X/Y/Z travel and other characteristics to develop solutions that meet the customer's unique needs.

  • ND's professional technical team provides you with advice on the most suitable machine model by understanding your machining needs and simulating the machining time. With more than ten years of accumulated CNC experience, we can assist you in improving the process, enhancing processing efficiency, and ultimately enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise.