ND6090 CNC MACHINE (Option: Auto tools changerFull cover)
Mainly used for engraving aluminum, copper, brass, iron, steel ect.It can be use for notebook,business card,calendar,post card,wallet,paper bag etc.Widely used in the printing industry, hot stamping industry, embossing industry, injection molding industry.
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ND6090 CNC MACHINE (Option: Auto tools changerFull cover) 

CNC milling is a form of computer controlled machining. Similar in operation to drilling and cutting, it is able to create various hole styles and shapes by using a rotating cutting tool to bore into the object.

Mainly used for plastic, aluminium die-cast, and aluminium extrusion material types,Able to perform milling for various shapes and sizes,Recommended for small quantity customization.


Product Description





Panel, Metal, and mould,etc

Working Area


Spindle Power

4kw high speed spindle

Spindle Speed


Spindle Clamp Size


Moving Processing Accuracy


Repeatability Positioning Accuracy


Max Moving Speed


Max Machining Speed


Lubrication System

Automatic Oil Feeding

Spindle Cooling System


Drive System

Panasonic Servo Motor and Driver



Machine Bed Material

"Jinanqing" granite body


Features and Advanta

1."Jinan qing" granite body with high accuracy.

2.XYZ driver system is Japan PANASONIC servo motor and driver, the famous driver system brand  in the world.

3.XYZ use PMI/HIWIN P level linear square rails and C3 level ball screw ,repeatability positioning accuracy is 0.001mm.

4.Gantry fixed and table moving design, make machine faster and more precise.

5.High speed and anti-shake spindle, make produce fine more detail.

6.Automatic oil feeding system make the machine keep precise and long life.

7.Professional engineer assembling machine, guarantee machine quality.

8.The professional team provide better solution for you.





Machine detailes






After-Sales Service

1.12months guarantee of the whole machine,we will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement .
2.English manual and CD video for machine using and maintaining will send you with the machine.
   a.Hardware :1year on all parts and labor.
   b.Software:Whole life on update for free.
   c.Maintenance and technology support:whole life.

3.Our engineer could service you 24 hours online by Skype,YAHOO,MSN,QQ,WEIXIN,or cellphone, on weekend even on vacation

4.Our engineer could support you technology to your country if necessary.

Our engineer supplied technology support in our customers' factory.

Our engineer has gone to many countries for our customers to supply technology support.



Company Information

 ND Group is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D,production,sales,service of high precision CNC industrial system. Our key business includes high precision CNC machine ,NDT(Non Destructive Testing ) and Granite business.15 years experience in set-up and operation of production machines. Ability to determine machine is functioning properly and tooling is installed correctly. High degree of skill in inspection and working with Quality control equipment. Inspects parts against engineering prints to ensure tolerances have been maintained and promote world-class precision. Responsible for a high rate of proficiency with setup and operation of machine cell, cleanliness and organization of work area. Able to set up, operate and control quality on one or more machines. Demonstrate the ability to produce first qualified parts in a proficient manner. Proven ability to maintain a positive attitude and good work ethic.

"Machinery, Control, Inspection, Measurement, Testing--Technology Solution Expert " ---NDCNC Group.



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Sofia Qi


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