Thanks to the machines and services provided by ND Group. Special thanks to Terence for installing machines and training workers to enable our glass project to operate successfully.

After contacting ND Group, they took my machine in as trade in and have given me excellent training and been super patient with me in regards to learning.

Following my purchase of a ND Group CNC machine 4 years ago, I have just taken delivery of a metal cnc machine. Installation and set up was in a tricky location but James and Oliver did a great job in installing the machine and setting it up.

I have received praise for the wise tool purchase.In my opinion the ND820-3 CNC is far and away the best balance of construction, cost, and performance on the market period.

I’m a mobile accessories dealer, ND update me all information of machine and raw materials. Terence and Oliver also have very good training in my factory. I will increase my capacity to 50000 pcs per day.