We’re committed to enhancing the customer experience through a wide variety of exclusive service programs. From our preventative maintenance packages to our extended warranty plans, and from our employee training opportunities to our legendary CARE program, we strive to help you manage the overall cost of ownership of your ND machine, and maximize its performance over the long haul.

Once you own a ND system, we work to ensure that your investment reaches its full potential over the longest time frame possible. That’s why we offer a full slate of exclusive service programs.


Maintenance programs
Regular maintenance on a preventive basis has proved to be cheaper than waiting for breakdowns to occur. ND’S preventive maintenance program defines all daily, monthly, and annual maintenance procedures, such as cleaning, oiling, and machine part replacements. We will assist you with the planning of annual maintenance work, which includes assessment of maintenance shutdown and inspections. ND offers a complete portfolio of contract maintenance services. The contracts range from regularly scheduled inspections of key machinery and components to preventive maintenance at prearranged intervals to turnkey agreements for maintenance and repairs for which everything can be covered at a fixed price. All of our contracts are customized to meet the specific requirements and needs of your feed plant.

Rebuilds, upgrades and optimization services
To achieve higher capacity, better product quality, lower costs, and extended equipment life cycle, we provide rebuilds, upgrades, and optimization services for installed equipment. 

Wear and spare parts
In extension to our service capabilities, we manufacture and stock a full range of parts at strategic locations to minimize downtime and maintain productivity.

Repair services
ND makes a considerable investment  in sustaining its global service network to ensure that all customers are supported by highly qualified personnel with the best tools available. Among other things, we have fully equipped machine shops to refurbish dies and rolls to the highest CE,ISO,TUV standard. We always use genuine replacement parts that are certified to our strict quality requirements – this is to ensure the reliability and durability of our costumers’ equipment.

Field services
We offer excellent field services, where our service specialists come to your plant to provide assistance. The depth and experience of our field service specialists is unmatched. This experience is backed by the full knowledge and technical support that only the equipment manufacturer can provide. Our ND service technicians are engineers, electricians, and mechanical experts – all competences to ensure a high quality service on your equipment. Given the increasing complexity and developments of modern machinery and technology, it is reassuring for our customers to know that our specialists are trained and kept up-to-dateabout the equipment on a regular basis.

Preventative service
Regular maintenance on a preventive basis has proved to be cheaper than waiting for breakdowns to occur. Benefits of ND service & maintenance:
Maximizing production
Reliability and cost efficiency
Reduced life cycle costs
Short and effective shutdowns
Improved energy efficiency

After-sales service and support
At NDGroup we work together with our customers to maximize equipment performance, efficiency, and value over the entire life of your production plant. Our wide range of value-added services is suitable to find the most cost-effective solution for your business.

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